All our designs and fluid amplification rockers incorporate the following formula for dynamic lift

All Yew- Daniel Thomson part 2 from on Vimeo.

The fluid amplification rocker is based  on the Bernoulli principle of  dynamic lift.                        The  Bernoulli formula of ( L=CL  P/2  SV2)  states: As the (V) Velocity of the fluid  increases.       (P) Pressure of the fluid decreases, therefore creating (L) Lift .,

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Fin Designs

Power Drive Fin Systems

The Power Drive Fin Systems are unique to Krypt Surf Technology.

With 20 years of design development and refinement  behind them the Power Drive Fins harness the laminar flow to give maximum  thrust and drive while maitaining ultimate control.


Rasta checks out a Drongo during filming of Hydodynamica



Daniel hands free Indo

I first met Dave Rastavich while working for Jack Mc Coy filming the Blue Horizon project for Billabong. Rasta tried a few of my boards and they suited his style of surfing. This was the first carbon board I built Rasta being tested on location while filming Blue Horizon somewhere in Indo



Quad Designs

The Quad Fin design is an extension of the Drongo and our Dual Fins.The Quad like a All Wheel Drive car gives maximum control and grip in all situations while maintaining speed. The Power Drive fin system is ideally suited to the Quad Fin concept.




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